Prescriptions to save the environment

Serving size: change starts out small, one person at a time!!!

Servings per container: together we can accept the challenge, and make a difference!!!

Refills: infinite!

Treatment for common households:

Keep the expired or unused medications out of reach for young children or pets. Do not dispose of the medications in the drainage, sewer, or in the trash.

Directions for common households:

Collect all unused or expired medications in a safe, child proof container.

Take the container with the collected pharmaceuticals, to a local take back day.

Instructions for large corporations:

When a quantity of unused or expired medications has been collected, send/take them to a take-back event. Do not dispose of them in the trash, or in water supplies.

Recommendations and suggestions for clinics/hospitals/pharmacies:

Establish a take back or drop off for medications, either arranged by days, dates, hours, or a fully developed “24/7” schedule.


Failure to do so could negatively affect and alter our water supply, organisms in our environment, and could potentially be a threat to humans who consume this water.

Side effects/ symptoms:

Our water supply could retain remains/traces of expired or unused pharmaceuticals that were improperly disposed of