Deterrence Regarding Medication in Environmental Devastation 

     For our project, our team fundamentally selected a topic that focuses on the hazardous chemicals that pharmaceuticals contain and their potential harm to the environment. According to EPA, when medication are incorrectly disposed of, (e.g. disposal by trowing in the garbage, or flushing down the commode) our environment is introduced to dangerous chemicals that may lead to devastating repercussions. NOAA speculates that water contamination, aquatic life complications, agricultural consequences and the influence of negative impact to human health are just a few of the abundant quantity of elemental contentions pharmaceuticals in the environment may cause.

          Pursuing this further, we ought to extend an indispensable example whom explains that the Edwards Aquifer is vital to the health and well-being of all nature and humans in and around our community in San Antonio, Texas. All of South Texas depends on the Edwards Aquifer’s water for domestic, agricultural, industrial, municipal, and recreational purposes. However, the contamination of our life-sustaining water supply is at risk of being contaminated by the consistent improper disposal of medications that end up in our environment.

     It has been discovered that an overwhelming majority of individuals in our community are not aware of the devastating elements that the incorrect disposal of pharmaceuticals lead to. Therefore, the main goal of our project to completely acknowledge this unheralded catastrophic environmental issue and educate our local community over this issue. Consequently, we will ensure that our environment is protected from the potential disastrous effects of the aforementioned controversy and perhaps Change The World. 

Marisol Gonzalez
6/6/2011 02:41:22

Very well developed research! Good luck on developing your project, you have an outstanding fundamental initiative.

7/29/2012 05:06:14

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