DR.MED:: Deterrence Regarding Medication in Environmental Devastation. We have taken up the cause for the proper disposal of pharmaceuticals and the education of the general public as to how this might be accomplished.
 The improper disposal of expired and unused medications is an issue that deeply concerns Team DR.MED. In this respective case we believe that we have an obligation to learn everything we can about this issue, through research and experimentation and then to find a way to resolve this challenge.
As student leaders in our STEM Academy, the members of this group have distinguished ourselves by serving our academy and our community. We united under a common concern and worked productively to reach a resolution and improve our community.

DR.MED will be interacting with the community through the course of this project and will update regularly over our discoveries as we complete the DR.MED project. We imply that you please add any questions,  concerns or simply comments that you may have pertaining to anything in general over our community issue.

Melissa Marty
04/22/2011 19:47

I just want to mention the fact that I´m so glad that a group of students like you guys are contributing to the resolution of a serious community issue. Hope your project is successful!

David Efraín Suárez
04/22/2011 20:20

This is a very meaningful problem in the community of San Antonio, Texas. Therefore, if possible please post awareness information that will educate us residents that will guide us towards complying with the proper disposal of medications.

04/22/2011 20:32

Thank you for your comments! We would like to share that soon we will officially begin our DR.MED campaign in the community. The aforementioned will consist of distributing awareness information among our community to clear misconceptions over the correct procedures to dispose of unwanted or expired over-the-counter medications. Moreover we would like to remind you that you may feel free to continue posting in our blog any questions, comments, concerns, and even suggestions in how to make the DR.MED project progress in our community. Once again thank you and stay tuned for more information.

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07/29/2012 12:05

From the Creator of DR.MED: Brand New Youth Organization Site www.leedebate.weebly.com


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